The best web sites ever created for artists

This site is being developed as a support to the Pro Gallery artist web site program. As the weeks go by more information and functionality will be added.

Pro Gallery, the ultimate artist site   Version 1.2

All the great features in this program were designed by a professional artist for professional artists. Pro Gallery helps promote and gives the artist total control of their site, with easy-to-use image uploading and information management tools.

Features Front Side:

Create as many galleries and upload all the images you want (limited only by the memory size of your host server).
3 image sizes: thumbnail, page size, and extra large pop-up.
Viewers can "Send this image to a friend."
Viewers can "Add or read comments about this image."
Viewers can either scroll though images or click large pop-up.
Viewers can be added to "My Mailing List" (members can automatically receive new images upload).
Viewers can be added to "Private Gallery List" (members can automatically receive new images upload).
News & Events - Viewers can can read and see photos of recent events you have been involved with.
Artist's Profile - A place for your biography and large pop-up head shot image.
Contact page - Includes an email form that protects your email address from harvesting programs (spam).
Resource Links - Viewers can fill out a form to be added to your links page.
Custom pages can be added to you navigation bar.

Features Administrator Side:

Image Settings - Totally control the size and quality of your images from thumbnail to the large pop-ups. Select the look of your gallery list page and the number of columns and rows on your gallery page.
Optimize for the search engines - The ability to add custom page titles & meta tags, absolute link addressing, page content control, and link exchange program.
Email Settings - With great features to control "Receive Email," "Reply Email," "Sender Name," "Auto Send Subject," and control of auto send programs.
Template Manager - An advance tool for those who know code. This will give you total control over the look and function of your pages.
Administrator Set Up - have multiple administrators with "Super Administrator" and "Limited Administrator" access.
Host & Database - Host server information page with the ability to backup and download your database and image files.
Add Image - Easy image uploading and image information fields and the auto send image to your member list.
Galleries - An awesome gallery management page that allows you to create unlimited public or private galleries, single or bulk image uploading, activate/deactivate galleries, or images and set order of your galleries and images.
Newsletter - Create articles and upload images for you newsletter page with tools to help you organize them.
Links - A link exchange program that gives you the ability to manually or auto add new link requests, set order, check back links, and delete bad or undesirable links.
HTML Editor - An awesome tool that allows you to design your pages by choosing your fonts, type size, color, etc. You can add links to other pages on or off your site, add new pages to your site, and much more.
Email - a bulk email program for sending out information to your member list with "select group" option and the ability to attach files.
Approve Member - an area where you can approve or disapprove registers to your site with auto email messaging to new and disapproved members.
Member List - A tool to help you organize your members with the ability to print out or download to your favorite database or gum label program.